Dear @instagram… I don’t know if you understand, but the new update that your forced me to do last night, not only wiped out my feed and all my notifications, apparently you thought I needed to have all my DM’s already deleted and forgotten, back!
For some strange reason, once the update was completed and my phone re-started, several times, you kept saying that I had internet connection error… I believed you, and re-started my home connection and was convinced I had a problem with my home connection until I switched up to my mobile provider, but apparently that wasn’t working either.
So, I decided to give up and went to sleep. Only to wake up to my newly restored feed, with a bunch of new ads, that you want to make me see, based on my browsing habits… Please allow me to explain… if I’m browsing to book a vacation for my family and I come to IG to be delighted with home decor inspo and a few other interests that I have… coming across a traveling add doesn’t make me very happy… I left my browser to get away from it, not to have it on my face again. Also, if I want to download the @wayfair app, or follow @homegoods feed, which I do and I love… I don’t need to see their ads running on my news feed – maybe someone who doesn’t follow them, will benefit from it, but not me. If you do want me to look at ads, here’s what I would like you to have in consideration: please keep them limited to what my feed interest’s are and something that I’m not yet following, otherwise, I don’t see the point.
By the way… the McDonald’s ad, cute! I don’t know which algorithm was used to track it back to me, but it feels out of place in my news feed.

I understand that you want to make it easy for people to share photos and even though I have a watermark, I think it would only make sense if the “share arrow” would share the account where the photo is coming from… you know, like a repost? Otherwise, I see photos without watermark not being used the right way.

One last thing… the accounts that I’m following – all of them. I want to see their activity – that’s why I follow – please don’t ask me to turn on notifications, now!

Your’s truly,

IG User

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