Today’s #feature comes with an IG story, that I want 2 share with you!

I was introduced 2 @cassieadame a few weeks ago through another feature and soon understood that I had seen Cassie before-several times before.
Cassie’s mother is my follower #3 and not only has she stuck around ever since, she pretty much likes every single one of my posts-I know this, because when you start an account with zero followers, knowing no one in this community, every new follower that comes along, especially in the beginning, is well noticed.
I’ve been following Cassie’s mother since then and always enjoyed getting 2 know her loving family and I mean L O V I N G-they are all an inspiring close unit like every family should be and her 3 grand kids! Oh my… the cutest most adorable little girls ever and it wasn’t until I came across Cassie’s feed that I understood that there was another piece 2 this story – that’s right!

Cassie’s SIL is no other than my #instafriend Kara @interiordesign_love – Even before Kara and I started following each other a few months ago, I already knew her, I just didn’t know it was her-Yes, they are all part of the same family and when I put all the pieces together, I just knew that I had 2 share this story and this family.

My parents taught me 2 be good 2 people and always return their kindness at least times 2, because you never know when good karma comes back 2 you – this is me returning Cassie’s mother’s kindness and support. IG is a virtual world, but it’s a virtual world whith lot’s of kind and genuine people and I feel very lucky that I have come across some of the best people that I could ever hoped for.

@cassieadame is a lifestyle blogger, who just recently started her blog. She’s not only the cutest with the most adorable, loving family (both her parents look like her brother and sister and when I grow older, I want 2 have the kind of relationship they have – no joke), but her style is fabulous and I really wanted 2 give you all an opportunity 2 check her out and follow her IG/blog journey – they are really good people that will make you all feel inspired about having a wonderful family relationship – they inspire me every.day!

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