@somewhereonmain☝️ It’s been a rough week… I am having a sinus infection which has taken over my eyes If you look at me you will think that someone beat me up and I spent the day crying my eyes out to a bleeding point. So, while my eyes have been resting from looking at every screen you can think of (thank goodness for Siri to be my typing hands right now)…
It’s Friday and I have been dying to share my friend Karen @somewhereonmain with you and I didn’t want another Friday to go by without doing so – it’s a long read, but I promise you it’s worth every word

If you love dogs and following accounts with love filled hearts and soul behind them, you will LOVE Karen She is as amazing as one can be and so is her 1908 stunning home☝️. The funny thing is that she says she doesn’t love decorating and most of the time doesn’t know what to do with her home, which I strongly disagree and when you browse her feed you will understand why. However, following Karen, is so much more than following a beautiful decor feed for inspiration. She has a heart of gold, a beautiful loving family and rescues dogs… treats, nurtures and loves them as if they were her own, until they are ready to be adopted by a good family that she selects.
I followed #fostercheena who came from the Amish puppy mills for the 3 weeks she was with Karen and was so happy when she was adopted, but my heart literally broke when a few weeks later, Karen shared that #fostercheena had died of cancer

#fostercocoa is another dog with an AMAZING story that I loved seeing Karen take care of. She was recently adopted and I already miss reading her updates, but I’m beyond excited to be following the progress of her most recent rescue dog #fostermissdaisy who also has an amazing story and I’ll be all following along!

If you have never come across Karen’s feed, go take a look, because I guarantee, not only will you be falling in love with it you might even shed a tear or two by reading her stories #onetofollow

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