Have you ever been touched by someone who was paying it forward? I never had… until today. I don’t always get coffee from our local coffee store, because most of the time I’m just running on a really tight schedule to even allow myself an additional 10 minutes to grab coffee. However, I was in the mood and had time to spare☕️. As I was getting my money out to pay for my coffee, I was told it was already paid, which I didn’t really understand, because we don’t exactly live in a small town where everyone knows everyone to have someone pay for my coffee… So, as I’m trying to explain that it just can’t be possible and I may be misconfused by someone else, the girl at the counter said that I was one of the first 20 people that got coffee paid by one customer as a pay it forward gesture to brighten up my day. I was touched and as you can see, I’m still thinking about it! I didn’t pay for my coffee, but instead of paying for the first 20 people to get coffee tomorrow, which might be the same ones who got it today, I paid coffee for 20 people who would get coffee in the afternoon and I truly hope that they were as touched as I was, and at least one person paid it forward, because it sure put a smile on my face and made my world a little better today : @shelleyjohnstonedesign
Good night everyone!

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