It’s been very busy around here over the last few days, because today we celebrate my daughter’s birthday and even though her “official” birthday party will be in a couple of weeks, I wanted my little munchkin to have a special day in school and that took some planning and some crafting, which as you know, I’m not big on DIY
The festivities continue as we are getting ready to have an intimate dinner with our closest friends

If you found your way to my feed over the last few days, I would like to welcome you
I love to change my decor with the different seasons, but also with my current mood, which changes a lot! Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration with what I share.
To all your questions and if you haven’t found the answers on my blog #linkinprofile ☝️I will give you an answer here in the next couple of days

Thank you so much for following along! Wishing you all a wonderful night!!✨✨

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