Jingle Bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way… into our Christmas Home Tour!


I, along with some amazing IG friends and fellow bloggers, teamed up to bring you a Christmas Home Tour that is as eclectic and fun, as we are.

From pink, to the traditional red and white, from the trendy plaid, to nature inspired elements, I’m sure there is a little bit of something for everyone to get you inspired with.

 Christmas, is by far, my most exciting time of the year to decorate. I love, love Christmas time and having the sparkle of a Christmas tree in my living room makes my heart sing.

The non-traditional Christmas color I am using this year, was completely inspired by my 3 year old daughter, who is deeply in love with pink. I figured, if there was a year to go crazy with pink for Christmas, this year would be it, because who knows if next year, she still loves pink as much 🙂 . Let me tell you that the joy my husband and I get out of my daughters excitement of seeing our home in pink shades, especially our tree, is priceless and warms up our hearts, every day.

So, without further ado… please welcome in!


Our entryway, is very small and just enough to have a console table, a bench, a plant and that’s pretty much it. So, the moment you walk in, the living room is the very first thing you see, but before we go there, let’s take a minute and look at the pieces I added, shall we?


I love all the light that this small space gets from our skylights and by keeping the table’s decorations minimal (for me at least), it feels even brighter. Since pink is our Christmas color and I’m big on adding pops of the color that I’m currently using, I kept it simple and soft.


The lamp is new and you can find it at here. The mirror is from Z Gallerie and I love the statement it makes… I believe that Z Gallerie no longer carries this mirror, but I found this one that looks exactly the same, for half the price I paid for mine. I always add a pillow, to my white storage trunk from HomeGoods, in the color that I’m currently using, to create cohesiveness and add a little interest and texture – I am obsessed with this blush pink pillow with gold pom pom and I bought a few. The pink bottle brush tree you see on the bottom shelf is from Target as well as the photo frame next to it. The white deer head is from last year and the door knob pine decoration is from Michaels.


A few other simple touches like the Gold Deer from Target paired with a silver vase and white Nutcracker from HomeGoods and a touch of pink ornaments, perfectly aligned (because I’m totally OCD) in a white and gold serving tray, were easy ways to bring Christmas to the entryway. The pink peonies arrangement is from One Kings Lane and even though the same exact one is no longer available, I think this one is totally adorable too.

Let’s move on to the living room


One of our family traditions, started when my daughter was born, is to go out to the Santa Cruz Mountains and cut our very own live tree, the day after Thanksgiving. Long story short, not only did we not spend Thanksgiving at home, we decided last minute, to head back to my home country (Portugal) for the holidays.


I have never used a flocked tree before, but I saw so many on Instagram, that I fell in love with it and I have to say… I love it even more now. I am using a 7.5ft pre-lit tree from Walmart… this tree is only sold at the store, and they might be sold out, because I wasn’t able to find the link.

Let’s take a closer look at the Christmas tree


I’m calling it a Winter Wonderland Garden, where feathered birds and pink glittery butterflies (my daughter’s favorite) live in – they were less than $2/each and they feel right at home!


The pink birds were also less than $2/each and they look sooooo cute!


The JOY, MERRY and NOEL glitter words can be found here and they add just enough sparkle.


And of course we needed some pearls!! The frosted pink flowers are from Michaels and the rest of the ornaments, are from HomeGoods and were used last year as well.


I have to say, that for the most part, I’m not done with Christmas shopping 2 weeks in advance 🙂 , but because I will be heading home, I had to do all my shopping in advance, which was really nice, because I was able to get some amazing deals 🙂 .


One thing I have been obsessed with, from the moment I saw it at the store, were the Sugar Paper boxes from Target… I bought the small and the large one (a few of them) and I know that the ones I’m not giving away, will be used in my home decor at some point. They are gorgeous!


This black and white ribbon is also something that I might be using in my lamps, because… one, I didn’t use it all and two, the quality is amazing and it will look beautiful around a lamp, just sayin’ 🙂

The black and gold tag, can be found here


Can you tell how much I love a beautiful wrapped up gift?


Let’s talk about our mantel… were you wondering about what this center frame had inside? Can you take a guess? Yes, no? If you thought it was a silhouette, you guessed it right! I always wanted to have one (now I have a few). When we were away on our mini vacation, I saw someone doing it and we had ours done too. I had no idea I was going to use it on our Christmas decoration, but as I was trying to think of something to put above the mantel, I tried this out and really love the look and the memories associated with it – I guess you can call this DIY 🙂 .


The garland is from Michaels and it’s lightly dusted with glitter, which complements the flocked tree really well.



One design tip that I learnt from professional designers, is to use Christmas ornaments outside the tree and I do exactly that. It’s a great way to easily bring pops of color.


The small nutcraker is from the dollar spot at Target and I paid $3/each


Let’s walk towards our dining area


Yep, the only thing that separates our dining area from our living area is a console table… The gold lanterns are listed here and a bigger bottle brush tree in a softer pink than the one in my entryway can be found here. If you are wondering about the “chanel” inspired tub… it’s from For Posh Sake and you can customize it with anything you want!


Even though we are not going to host Christmas dinner at our house, setting up a beautiful tablescape is something that I have been very inspired lately on Instagram. This is how I would set it up:


Christmas dinner for me is more formal, which means I like things to match up. The dining plates can be found here and the gold deer is here.


The Gold silverware is one of my favorite finds this year. I have been on the hunt for affordable, gold silverware and was ecstatic when I found it just before Thanksgiving.


The gold napkin ring was another great find and something that I will use countless times.


The crystal wine and champagne glass add a touch of sparkle to the table.


If I was actually hosting Christmas dinner, I would probably use fresh flowers, but I have to say, that this table setting feels just as elegant and “fresh” without the flowers and the best part… it can be re-used any time.


I have used a crochet doily as the base for the coffee cup, to bring texture to a simple white table cloth.


I combined simple silver candle holders with these gold and quirky ones. It adds texture and visual interest.


Remember what I said about bringing Christmas ornaments outside of the Christmas tree? This is another example of how I used mine.



The plaid wrapping paper that I used for the fall tour is a great complement to our current decor – it’s neutral enough to go with any color scheme, which is exactly what I had in my mind when I first thought of using it.


Our table is small and our entire living area is cozy, but on the bright side, we have a beautiful view of our Christmas tree.


The mirror against the wall, gives us a double view of the tree.


I guess I should say that we have a kitchen view as well 🙂 .

Talking about kitchen


 As you can see, our entire living area is one big open space, which means, that everything in the entire area, is already Christmas decorated and because of that, I really don’t want the kitchen to “compete” with the rest of the decor. So, I like to keep my kitchen decorations simple and complementary.



Now, that I’ve showed you, where most of our time is spent and where most of our Christmas decor happened this year… let’s go down the hall to see what I’ve done in our Master Bedroom



Lately, I started using an empty frame to serve as the back drop for what I want to highlight. In this case, I have the ballerina nutcracker centered on the empty frame.


I bought this gold glass box, which I adore, just before Thanksgiving and I thought it was the perfect recipient for… some more ornaments!


My husband’s side of the bed, needed equal attention, but I didn’t think he would be too amused with a pink nutcracker. So, instead, I gave him a “manly” gold one 🙂 with a reminder that I love him… always! 🙂


Moving on to the master bathroom


Since I’m the one who uses this bathroom the most, I brought my pink sparkly nutcracker along :).


Here you can see, how I use a blank frame as the backdrop for what I want to highlight – it stays this way… I have used a number of things, flowers is another thing that I like to add on a blank frame to “frame” them.


If you are looking for a small white peonies arrangement, I really like this one and this other one.

Alright… our tour is almost at the end. Before you head out, let me show you what sweet treat we will be leaving for “Santa” this year 😉


Since we are doing a non-traditional decor, we think, “Santa” deserves a pink and white treat instead of the traditional cookies 🙂 . What do you think? 🙂

By the way, you should probably grab a cup of coffee or tea. Even though our tour is coming to an end, the fun is not over yet! There’s plenty more to see, that you will not want to miss. My friends are ready and waiting to welcome you into their homes as well!


Thank you so much for coming over. I loved having you here and really enjoyed showing you around!

From our family to yours… Happy Holidays!