Fall time holds a special and dear place in my heart, especially the month of October. Our wedding anniversary is one day away and my daughter is also October born and coincidentally my blog has officially launched in October – Yay!!

A few months ago, I became part of a group called Bay Area Home – we are a total of 10 bloggers, with eclectic styles, who love to decorate, create, shop, style, photograph, write, and of course, share it all on social media, where we met.

This Fall Home Tour is a collaboration between all of the Bay Area Home members and HomeGoods, which is one of my favorite stores for affordable home decor.

Without further ado, let’s get started!



This year, I was inspired by this plaid wrapping paper that you can see on the lamp. A beautiful pattern that can be found at Target


The foyer is the first thing you see when we open the door. I can never get tired of this statement mirror and the side table… but, this time around I’ve added a new table lamp with the plaid wrapping paper that I will be using throughout the space. I always like to carry one decor element to make everything flow and the plaid paper is what I am using this time. On the bottom shelf of the table, I have a pillow on top of my white storage box… the pillow is used when needed and it’s easy to grab, but I really like the pop of color against the white.


Here’s a close up of my lamp DIY.

The living room comes next. The table lamp with the black ribbon (another DIY) gives a nice contrast to the 2 plaid throws and it flows with the black and white striped rug .


After more than a year of living without a rug, I finally set my mind on this beautiful diamond shag from Rugs USA – you can also find them on Instagram here @rugsusa – the living room feels cozy and fall ready.


If you have been following me on Instagram for a while, you know that I had mentioned a few months back that I had a new sofa table to replace my existing one with… This Ikea table is the same as the one I have in my foyer and it stayed in the box for a long time, but now that it’s finally assembled – I just love how well it meshes with its surroundings. Do you spot the plaid wrapping paper used on the candles and the photo frame to tie in everything? The decorative pumpkins are from HomeGoods. In case you are wondering about the Chanel Inspired oval bucket it’s from ForPoshSake and they can customize any of the items they have.


Let’s take a closer look at my TV stand from CrateandBarrel. I am using a mix of silver, gold, black and white throughout – all the same colors that you find on the plaid paper. Most accessories used are from HomeGoods, including all the photo frames – in some of the frames, I used the plaid paper as a back drop.


I always have family photos around the house, but particularly at this time of the year and until Christmas, I like to bring out different photos from the past so we can all travel in time and remember some of our most treasured life memories as a family.


Can we please talk about this furry stool that I found at HomeGoods and how well it goes with the colors from the plaid paper? When I saw it, I just knew it would be a match made in heaven. I also added some natural elements to this space by bringing in a real plant (let’s hope I don’t kill it) and this beautiful basket.


Here’s a view of all the different textures and patterns that I decided to use. Everything is neutral, which can easily be paired with any other color, which most likely will happen sooner rather than later around here.


Fall and winter is all about warm and cozy textures. I’ve added furry throws to my sofa, which gives the sofa a luxurious feel. This storage ottoman was paired with a cozy throw and topped with a silver tray – I pretty much carry all the colors throughout in order to keep the look cohesive.


For the mantel, I am using the wreath that I have been using almost all year long, but depending on what color scheme I have going on, I add pops of color to match and right now, I’ve added black faux roses.


Looking at the every day decor of our dining table – you can see this beautiful candle holder and I added the wrapping paper on top and at the bottom of the glass. Can you spot where else I’ve added the wrapping paper? Yep, my artwork was “art worked” – I didn’t want to cover all three frames the same way, so, I used the paper to cover only the colors that weren’t matching and I really like how it turned out.



Let’s start moving in to the kitchen by taking a closer look at the island shelves. Just like any other shelf around here, it gets changed a lot – do you see how I used the plaid paper here?


Here’s another look at the kitchen.


The other side of the island shelf.


This is a little corner in the kitchen with another one of the For Posh Sake chanel inspired buckets – you can also find them on Instagram here @forposhsake. Black pumpkin and photo frame from @homegoods.


Wider view from the second floor.


And because tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, cheers to us with some bubbly on a crystal flute from @homegoods

Thank you for coming in! I hope you enjoyed looking at our house from a different perspective.

For more fall inspired home decor, please make sure to visit my talented friends from Bay Area Home: