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Thank you for coming back and joining us for another Styling a Coffee Table Blog Hop Series – on the 15th of each month, I join some amazing design bloggers (all listed at the end of this post), to share inspiration and endless ideas for Styling and… Restyling a Coffee Table! 🙂

If you are visiting from my friend Kathleen… Welcome! I’m so happy to have you here and I’m sure you loved, every little detail, on Kathleen’s styled coffee table.

I can’t even believe, how fast this last month went by and being that we are just a week away from Thanksgiving, today’s post, is all about providing you with styling inspiration, to get your coffee table ready for Thanksgiving, but also for the rest of your living/family room, as I am sharing how I am styling my coffee table and how I’m complementing my decor, with my Thanksgiving Table, for a cohesive look.

In case you missed out my Thanksgiving Table post, you can find it here

For me, styling a coffee table, or anything else for that matter, it’s all in the details and I’m following the six easy and foolproof tips for styling a coffee, as shared in last months post, that you can see here

I started off with this Gold Serving Tray , as a base, to go on top of my ottoman. Serving trays are fantastic to add on top of ottomans, because it can easily be removed, when we just want to lounge. Yes, we LOVE to put our feet up! 🙂

Once the base was chosen, it was time to start layering.

I wanted to bring out the colors from my dining room, but also some of the natural elements that I used on my Thanksgiving Table, which are widely available at this time of the year. A delicate little pumpkin and fresh green seeded eucalyptus, added a fall touch, keeping it simple and elegant.


A scented candle for a little pop of color, glow and coziness.

If you have been following me on Instagram for a while, you just know that I LOVE my designer inspired coffee mugs 🙂 They are soooo chic and can be used way beyond your regular cup of joe… makeup brushes, anyone?

Well, how about a mug cake? (keep scrolling down for the recipe) – I’m happy to report that it was quickly devoured by three 🙂    

Yep, this stunning and dishwasher safe “It’s Dior Darling Cup”, from my friends over at For Posh Sake, is the perfect personal glam touch and you can’t beat the price at $18. The quality of their products is always above and beyond and they can customize any of their products to meet your preferences.

Below the cup, I added this cute Marble Board, to help protecting the tray from the hot cup.

Lauren Conrad (Celebrate) Book

Alexa Chung Pink Book

My favorite stack of coffee table books for height and time pass, I mean… a girl needs to keep up with the trends, right?

Trellis Shag Rug

Faux White Flower Wreath

I love to dress up my ottoman, with different throws – it just helps making it look polished and all put together, besides it’s a great way to completely make it feel new and refreshed.

Now… let’s look above the coffee table and take a closer look at the mantle…

Do you see, white pumpkins and fresh seedless eucalyptus? By repeating the same common elements throughout the space, there’s a harmonious flow, where everything feels connected and cohesive.


Look-a-like Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree

Look-a-like Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree

Look-a-like Ottoman

My Media Center also received a mini makeover, to highlight the softer colors that I have going on. Can you tell the difference?

Look a like Faux Fur Stools

With friends coming over this weekend, for a Friendsgiving dinner, I added extra seats by the fireplace so that everyone has a place to seat, if needed.

Five Minute Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe Ingredients: 1 - Egg 2 - tbsp of Sugar 3 - tbsp of Oil (I used coconut oil, but vegetable oil will be just fine) 4 - tbsp milk 3 - tbsp of Cocoa Powder (unsweetened) 4 - tbsp of All Purpose Flower 1/4 - tsp of Baking Powder

Five Minute Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe


  1. One Egg
  2. Two tbsp of Sugar
  3. Three tbsp of Oil (I used coconut oil, but vegetable oil will be just fine)
  4. Four tbsp milk
  5. Three tbsp of Cocoa Powder (unsweetened)
  6. Four tbsp of All Purpose Flower
  7. 1/4 tsp of Baking Powder


  1. In a microwave safe mug crack the egg and mix it well with a fork.
  2. Add sugar and mix it.
  3. Add oil and mix it well.
  4. Add milk and mix.
  5. Add cocoa powder and mix.
  6. Add flour and baking powder, one spoon at a time, to avoid lumps and mix well.
  7. When the batter is smooth, pop it in the microwave for 5 minutes (microwave cooking times may vary).
  8. After 5 minutes use a tooth pick to see if it comes out dry.

And there you have it, microwave chocolate mug cake, that is moist, delicious and it takes five minutes to make, because time around here is just to short 🙂 and this cake is too delicious not to be shared.

Gold Lantern

Last, but not least… and to finish off this Thanksgiving look in my living room, a new set of pillows and a new throw – style and comfort, go hand in hand, don’t you agree? 😉

Thank you so much for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you again, next month, as we are all getting ready to share our Christmas Home Tour! So, stay tuned for that 😉

Before you leave… please make sure to hop over to visit my friend and New York based, interior designer Amie at Meme Hill – she’s not only a master at decorating with color, but her use of patterns and textures is beyond clever and always on point. I’m sure you will adore her, just as much as I do.

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Happy Thanksgiving!



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