A few months ago, the group that I am a part of, Bay Area Home (we are a total of 10 bloggers all living in the San Francisco Bay Area who came together after meeting on Instagram), was approached by Tempaper Designs (a family owned Temporary Wall Paper Company based on the East Coast), to work on a home project of our choice, by using one of their self-adhesive, eco-friendly, vynil, VOC-Free, phthalate-free, lead-free, temporary wall paper.

We were each given 1 double roll (20.5 inches x 11 yds =56.37 square feet). I ended up selecting the textured Lace White Chocolate, that can be found here:

Tempaper Designs
Quite honestly, I’m not much of a DIY type of person. Both my husband and I have very busy schedules and I don’t really think that we are all that handy. However, I really wanted to support this company, because I like the fact that their products are 100% made in the USA and I also wanted to take this challenge as a way to push myself to think outside the box and see what I really could come up with.

Initially, I thought of using my paper on a chest drawer, but once I actually saw it, I knew right away that I wanted to use it in my daughter’s playroom, which was a room where I hadn’t put much thought into it, until now.


There were 2 different applications that I was aiming to work on. A back drop to this plain Ikea Billy book shelf + the wall behind where the shelf was going in, but soon realized, that if I was going to do both, I wouldn’t have enough paper to work with.


So, I ended up cutting the flowers and use them randomly on the wall – the intent with this, was not to fill up the wall. My tool of choice, was the scissors that I consider to be, the best paper cutting scissors out there – the Nate Berkus stainless steel scissors sold at Target are amazing!


I measured the book shelf (height + width) and cut 2 panels long enough to cover the back – I added about 4 inches more on each side (top + bottom) to make sure I would have enough paper to cover it. I used cardboard behind to be able to cut it without damaging the surface. Before the application started, I aligned both panels evenly and overlapped them, to see where they would meet and started pealing off as I was applying it.

Every time I felt the alignment was going off, I would re-position it. For this application I used a squeegee to help smooth everything out and once the process was complete I trimmed the excess paper with a razor.
Next step was to move on to the wall… which was easy breezy with my pre-cut flowers. I didn’t measure anything, as I wasn’t looking for a perfectly symmetric application. I just eye balled it and applied it randomly by pressing gently (as you can see I can still peal it off) – that way, I could step back, take a look and if needed, re-position it. Once I was certain of the right spot I smooth it out.

I also wanted to add a few of the flowers on this cute stepping stool, but once again, I didn’t want to align everything properly, so I just overlapped them and I really like how it turned out.

DSC08817This was a one person project and once I had all my tools and materials lined up it took me about 3 hours from start to finish, (styling included). This room is now a wonderful cozy space for us to hang out and play.


Let’s take a closer look at the rest of the room….


 DSC08856 Sofia’s favorite doll was named Leopoldina, right after she was born… It’s a tricky name to say in Portuguese and I wanted her to master it, as she grows up. Right next to it, is the very first puzzle she ever had, brought by my husband, when he went on a trip to Spain… she learnt to identify animals and shapes and to this day, she religiously plays with the puzzle, before anything else. Yes, the cute little pumpkins were requested by her – she says that her favorite room also needs some for fall decor.

This book shelf holds some of her go to toys, and that way it’s easy for her to grab them herself. The baskets are pretty much filled up, and trust me… when she starts playing, everything comes out, but it’s also quite easy to throw (literally) everything back inside.

Sofia loves books and having a reading nook to curl up and read, was high on our list. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a chair, because in the future I plan to move her play room to another spot in our home, so I decided to go with a simple chair from Ikea USA and dress it up with a pillow and throw, especially now, that the weather is starting to cool off.

As much as Sofia, loves her books, she also loves to sing. I found this round rug at HomeGoods and thought it would be perfect as a designated “stage” area, where she can “perform”. My daughter is almost 3 years old, and pink rules her life… if she had her way, she would happily wear pink from head to toe, but she’s quite happy with the pink splashes the room has.


Let me say it right up… No, it’s not always this organized, nor clean. All the baskets you see, are filled up with toys and most of the time, when my daughter is home, they are all out, but baskets are the best tool to have in a kids room, because with all the mess it hides, makes it look organized, instantly!


Safety is very important! Everything within my daughter’s reach, is kid’s safe – I used most of her own toys to accessorize and the only glass vase by the window, is completely out of her reach as is the lamp on top of the bookshelf.


This was such a fun project, and I’m so glad I did it. Sofia really enjoys spending time in this cozy space and so do we.


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If using Tempaper on a wall, here are some recommendations:


– It’s always recommended 2 people for the job
– Apply to a wall that has a satin/semi gloss painted surface. If applied to a wall painted in a matte finish you can run the risk of Tempaper adhering to the wall and upon removal taking some of the paint off of the wall
– Stay away from textured walls (orange peel is the most texture they recommend it to be applied on – mine has orange peel) – having texture on the wall will cause air to get behind the product and it will not adhere properly
– Make sure you have all of your tools before you start (see recommended tools on their Customer Service page)
– Give yourself time
– It is NOT recommended that is can be re-used
– Overlap the paper just a bit from panel to panel to avoid splitting seams in environments that can be subjected to temperature variances


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